Saturday, February 24, 2007

Waiting for my mom to phone. Might as well blog.

Can you put up with another Now and Then post?

This is the barn-suite NOW.
Kevin and Sharon were the last tennants to live here. And they added some colour to the walls so that it looked less like a rustic log cabin and more like a home.
Yellow in the loft.
Green in the kitchen.
Plum in the bedroom.
And blue everywhere else.

And back THEN when I lived there...
The walls were unpainted.

Can you see the cedar planks on the wall behind Maria and her lamb?
Yes, she had a pet lamb. And she brought him over to hang out while we visitied.

Still have that couch and coffee table.
(Yes, Katrina, that's your auntie Carolyn.)
Notice the wall behind them. See the straw hat? My mom and I used to make items like that and sell them at craft fairs before Billie's opened.

This is me, April 1987, waiting patiently for Clint to arrive. I'm leaning on our entertainment centre. It was centred under the big windows that looked out toward the front.

Nice blue eye shadow. And '80's perm.

Clint in the tub.
We moved out in '88.
And moved back in in '96, this time with way more furniture and a couple more kids.

That's Max on the stairs.
All three boys slept up in the loft.

Max was in the afternoon class of kindergarten during the time we lived here. Clint would get picked up every morning by another mom who commuted from Surrey. He'd walk up to Billie's and get picked up in the parking lot. Max and Drew would climb onto the entertainment centre and watch him go through the window.

Just thought I'd throw in this photo because I like it. Drew liked to hold hands, and Max would oblige.

And finally, nine years after I took the picture of Clint in the barn's tub, I took a pic of Drew in there.

Good times.

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