Tuesday, February 20, 2007

My Model

(Dad? Mom? Jim? Jul? Can any of you remember this collection of logs?)
Up until 1980, our entire family's collection of photographic equipment was limited to one cheap Kodak instamatic.

That changed the year I turned 19. One of my roommates brought her SLR camera to Bible school and I was blown away by the artistic quality of her shots. Blown. Away.

Right. Away.

Far. Away.

So for my 19th birthday, I went halfers on a Canon camera with my parents. And never looked back. Thirty seven zillion photos later, I still love taking pictures.

Back before I had kids or saw the value in taking nature shots, I took pictures of my sister. Lots of them.
Other than our weddings, I'm starting to think 1980 was the last year that either of us were photographed ...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I had that picture of Julie on a bulletin board in my room many years ago. The only picture of life on the Klassen farm that you haven't included, which all of the Kuebler kids remember because it scared us to death, is one of the DOG.