Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Im not a tree hugger, but golly, I loved that tree

Jul sitting at the base of an incredible maple. (Yes, she's posing. A more natural photo would have been me sitting there, lost in a Danielle Steel book...)

Spectacular, isn' it? Especially in the fall.
Another view, a summer shot, taken from the back field.
(Note the red text. I learned how to do that just 2 minutes ago. Fun. Beware. I may write all over my photos now...If you can't read the words, click to enlarge. )

About ten years ago, BC Hydro (or was it Teresan Gas?) put an upgraded gas line in. The tree had to go - it was in the way...

All that's left is a blackberry bush covered stump.
True, it's a nice stump.
But nowhere as glorious as that tree was.

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