Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Once upon a time there was a barn

Blair's barn.
In the field beside us.

This was the barn that inspired Mark and I to take old farm building photos. Lots of them.
From photographing barns, to buying original watercolor paintings of barns, to living in one - the barn theme was strong throughout the years we were together. It's gone now. Has been for years.
When we were 12, 10 and 7, my brother, sister and I would sometimes walk through that field on our way home from school. Not too often though... there were cows, bulls, dogs and wet grass to consider. Plus, if we took the shortcut through the field, we wouldn't be able to stop in at Hadfield's General Store to buy 10cents worth of candy.
(You'd think I grew up on Walton's Mountain with all this talk of fields, barns and cheap candy, wouldn 't you?)

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