Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I took over 2000 photos in the past 10 days.

And this was the last one. The back of Brian's head. I stared at it for 2700 miles.

I've deleted a good portion of the rest of them and have narrowed it down to 824.
Thought I'd post them on The O's Online Photo Album, but was only allowed to post 500 of them. So there are no Bryce Canyon photos uploaded yet.
(Look for them after April 1)

I bought myself a new toy tonight.
A 320 gig external hard drive. (My laptop's hard drive was full after this trip...)

Anyway, this is my last post dealing with our Spring Break adventure. Tomorrow I'll move on to other topics. Like 86 days without a chocolate bar. Or the difference between a groin injury and a leg bone that's not in the hip joint properly. Or how to keep a tan when it's not summer.

But for today, the topic is "How to Entertain Yourself When You Sit in the Back Seat of a Suburban for 62 Hours":

Sandra and I watched DVD's on a portable DVD player.

Emma and Alyssa watched DVD's in the seat behind us.

Maxine watched DVD's in the front seat using Brian's laptop. (The glare was so bright, she used her denim jacket to make a dark and cozy movie viewing environment.)

This is what Sandra and I watched:

- All 6 parts of the original "Pride and Prejudice"

- All 3 movies in the "Love's Enduring Promise" series. (Yawn. A Christian Little House on the Prairie storyline.) (Love Comes Softly. Love's Long Journey.)

- "Say Anything" - that wonderful '80's classic with John Cusack

- "Firewall" - Thriller with Harrison Ford

- "Stranger than Fiction" with Will Ferrell

- A sermon by Chris Saey

- About A Boy with Hugh Grant

Don't you wish you were cuddled up in that back seat with us?
Three things I'm thankful for:
1. My toenails still look nice.
2. Drew was on time for school today.
3. External hard drives.

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