Thursday, March 29, 2007

I'm Old

I think I'm having a heart attack. It's this tightness in my chest that makes it hard to breathe and move my arms that is causing me to put my affairs in order tonight.

I'm pretty sure my right leg has popped out of it's hip socket. That, or I've got a groin injury. Regardless of what this owie is officially called, I've been walking very carefully for the past 6 weeks, mindful that at any moment, I could fall over.

My knees are shot. Both of them refuse to do those deep bends that are necessary should I need to pick something up off the floor. And if I've been sitting for any length of time? Yeah... they are uncooperative about hoisting my body weight off the chair.

The rest of me? Aches. Constantly.
Last time I saw a doctor? OH, about 50 pounds ago.
Maybe I should go in for an oil and lube? Possibly. But I can save both him and I the trouble if I just predict what he's going to say ...
"A regular exercise program would go a long way to making you feel better."

Why can't he just give me a pill?


All these aches and pains have me thinking about Mexico. And the long bus ride there 'n back. And the sleeping on the ground once I'm there. And the physical labor that I'll be participating in daily. And the toilet situation. And the lack of privacy. And just typing this out has my chest muscle squeezing my right boob even tighter (apologies to those who were just grossed out). Am I too old for this life I'm living?

Speaking of Mexico - all our details are to be finalized by May 1 ... so if you feel compelled to contribute to housing a homeless family, I will gratefully accept your donations on their behalf. I have been humbled by your generosity thus far - heart-felt thanks to you who have sent in cheques. And a HUGE thanks to Langley Concrete and Tile for generously pledging to underwrite the costs of a third house! Thank you, M. Your boys will proudly build that home. I'll take pictures...

Apparently the Newsboys have been building homes in Baja Mexico this past year. And have invited folks to join them this summer. Would that not have been awesome? Like, over-the-top-COOL to go on a missions trip with the Newsboys?

Maybe a little distracting come to think of it.

Sorry, got caught up in a daydream.
Anyway, if you know of a business that would be interested in loading up these houses with some extras, let me know and I'll contact them. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could bless these families with electricity and running water?

Wonder if there's anyway I could blog from Vincente Guerrero?
Ten days without internet access? Heaven help me.

Speaking of blogging from foreign countries, there is another grade 9 class doing the same Europe trip that I participated in 2 years ago. At that time, I asked the teacher in charge if I could bring a laptop and blog about our adventure. He said no, but I ended up blogging anyways, using the the computers found in youth hostels and internet cafes.

This year, the teacher in charge is blogging their adventure and doing a fine job. Check out his commentary and photos here if you have a minute.

And that's it for today.
Thanks for stopping by.
Oh, wait, one more thing...
Do you watch American Idol? I don't. (I just watch The Office and ER, remember?)
But in blog surfing tonight, I came across Chris Sligh's blogs. (He was voted off recently, apparently.) If his thoughts are of any interest to you, here is one blog, here is the other.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Drew's other parent is helping him build a pyramid tonight. I am so VERY thankful that it's not me.
2. My writing group is coming over tomorrow night. Yay.
3. M' bed.


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