Saturday, March 31, 2007

Weekend, so far...

Friday night my writing group was over, celebrating our collective good news. Me - for my MB Herald article and Christine - for the thumbs up regarding her book. In between talking "shop", we scared poor Rachel who's getting married in three weeks by giving her the sex talk.
We also drank a fair bit of tea and ate this yummy cake. Saturday was spent in the Otter Co-ops's parking lot ...
.. washing cars and selling hotdogs.
(I really didn't do either. I took photos of kids washing cars and selling hotdogs. Hey - we all have our gifts.)

We sold out of hotdogs, having bought the entire inventory in the Co-op's grocery store.

And a whole lotta cars got washed. The kids worked non-stop for 6 straight hours

My kids, worked more like, 4 hours.

They took breaks regularly. You'd think they were raised with a union mentality.

Drew and I left for Vancouver as soon as he changed out of his wet shoes to watch the Canucks and the Flames. While we were gone, Max and Clint and a buncha guys watched snowboarding videos in my family room.

They lost, 3 - 2 in a game that put me to sleep in the second period, but energized me in the third.
Oh, you know who's a class act?
Pat Quinn.
He placed an ad on the HUGE screen - From one coach to another, Congratulating the current coaching staff of breaking the team record by having 47 wins this season.
Three things I'm thankful for:
1. $800 raised for the Mexico missions trip today.
2. I have sons who love to read.
3. Loving this weekend.

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