Thursday, March 22, 2007

No new pics today

The day started with overcast skies and a 40% chance of thundershowers.
Everyone else left to spend our last day in Arizona in a mall. Any mall. Many malls.
That was of no interest to me, so with mustard seed faith, I put on a bathing suit and sat on the deck.
The sun broke through for two glorious hours.
I prayed: and finished this book again.

Then I finished off another Christian novel recommended by Sandra:

It was a struggle to stay focused on the storyline as the most wonderful thunder and lightening storm broke out shortly after lunch.
And then? The rain. It fell. In sheets. Drenching everything. Including the boys' bedding and clothes that were on the upper deck.
And the hot tub? Not working. The pool guy drained it yesterday and, well, we haven't been able to use it since. Quite sad.

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