Friday, May 25, 2007

Jare and Share got married this afternoon

And I took some pictures.
They are posted here in no particular order.
Well, except this one. This was the first one. It's Max. He's driving. And he's wearing his new suit.
This is Deej (DJ) (Dave Jr) and his fiance', Sheri. They're getting married in August.

This is what the church looked like. Enchanting, isn't it?

An artsy photo because from where I was sitting, this is about as good as it got. Those would be the bridesmaids up at the front and to the left.

Another artsy shot, this time with Jer and Shari in the background.

That's (the Reverend Doctor) Steve, officiating. I work with him at Arrow. He's awesome. Isn't Shari cute??

Like I said, way out of order. Here comes the bride. Not fat and wide.

Here's Dave and one of the bridesmaids.

Jason (groom's older bro) and his pregnant wife, Kristin - the maid of honor.

Jon (one of my blog readers and Jer's younger bro) with a bridesmaid. Lookin good, Jon.

Parents of the groom. And my bosses. And my carpool partners. And my friends.

And these dashing gentlemen, all dressed like boys today, are my sons.

And again. Just because they're so good looking.

And lastly, Marj and Kara.
They were walking behind me in the parking lot so I turned around and said, "One last picture of the day" ... and then Marj said the nicest thing about me to her daughter ... "Here Kara, let her take it. She takes such good ones."

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