Friday, May 25, 2007

Weepy All Day

Someone I love received awful medical news today.
Someone I love working with, left today for a new job.
Someone I love needed a distraction today, because it's the second anniversary of her son's suicide. So four of us went out for dinner and then saw Shrek.

It was cute. But I was weighted down with too much emotional baggage to get carried away.

Feels like I'm going through another one of those character-building seasons.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Max got a job today!
2. I had lunch with the folks from work today - and we went to our favorite pasta restaurant and I ordered a salad. I had supper with three friends tonight and they all had yummy looking pasta dishes and shared an appetizer and dessert while I ordered a salad. I'm thankful that I'm not sitting here beating myself up for eating something flavorful and delicous.
3. It's Drew's sports day tomorrow. And I get off at noon. And it's supposed to be an awesome day, weather-wise. And it's casual Friday. And only two of us will be at the office (boss's son is getting married at 4 pm) so I can listen to my music loud.


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