Saturday, June 16, 2007

All About Mandi

So, there she was. Dressed in black, with a touch of white and a hint of ORANGE. In a gym with cinderblock walls, flourescent lighting and lines all over the multi-coloured floor.
My favourite setting in which to take photos. NOT.
I think they look like nuns. Sisters of the Order of LCS.

Meet LEMA.
Lauren (wearing yellow golashes)
Elyse (wearing fashionable strappy heals)
Mandi (wearing red converses)
Anna (wearing flip flops, sometimes. Barefeet the other times.)
(Click on pics for a clearer view.)

And Mandi with some other friends:

And then her dad walked into the gym.

Her hero.

Oma and Opa stopped by for a pic too.

And then to her friends:

And then,
The Ceremony.
First the handshake, then the certificate:

Then "the tassle-flip-flopping-bit":

Yay. She's all graduated!

back to my favouritest place on earth.
The gym.
For more congrat pics.


Big hug from Drew:

Max and Zac agreed to lean-in beside her:

And lastly, a photo with all the little people in her life:

Congrats, Mandi-cakes. I'm so proud of you.
Love you,

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