Sunday, June 10, 2007

And more old farts having birthdays...

Another family dinner (this time at The Keg - yum, garlic shrimp) to celebrate Jim's (my brother) and my birthdays. He's 44. I'm 46.
Then we went back to the folk's place to see how high the Fraser river has risen ...

I'm skipping work again tomorrow to spend the day with Drew on his last school field trip. We're going to Science World and he's not too happy about me coming along. I'm hoping to get some good photos for the grade 7 grad slideshow and make one more memory with my boy.

I'm yawning.
It's only 11 pm and I'm fighting to keep awake.
What's that all about?
I slept in this morning, missing church. Then fell asleep on the couch while watching Pirates of the Caribeaan with Max and Drew - and now? I bet I'd fall asleep if I went to bed.
Is this what getting old is all about? Wrinkles and yawns?

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. My awesome family
2. It rained most of the afternoon, giving me a good excuse as to why I didn't do any weeding.
3. Only 7 more really busy days, then things should slow down a bit.


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