Saturday, June 9, 2007

Party On, Garth...

Just wow.

I was at a party tonight, another "Happy 50th", and it was pretty incredible.
The party itself was unlike any party I've ever attended. And the setting for this shindig was mind-blowing.

I'd love to post pictures, but, see, a few days ago I lent my camera and lenses to my son, the one who lives in Abbotsford, and he just hasn't had a chance to bring it back. So I'll have to use words to describe it.

The party took place in a barn. I loved that barn. The front half was a full basketball court with a laminated floor. We mostly used that part, setting up a stage at one end where a 6 piece band, a VERY talented band, I might add, performed a variety of songs, ALL of which I knew the words to.
The other half of the barn had a loft. First I'll mention that under the loft, on the main floor, there was a kitchen, a storage area and a bathroom. But upstairs? In that loft? There was a pool table, a ping pong table, a foosball table, and a big screen TV. With leather couch seating for 12 - 15 people! And still lots of room left over.

There was a to-die-for house on the property too. I peaked in the windows and felt a stab of longing. A desire for that lifestyle. That house. That incredible yard with the pool, hot tub, fire pit, decks, lawn, view ... Siiiiigggghhhhhh

Getting back to the party...
It was a pentacostal gathering, with many Glad Tidings/Temple Academy/Pacific Academy folks there. I've only known the birthday girl for a few years, she's a Creation friend, and other than her, I knew 5 out of 100 people. But it was good. Good for me to be there. Good for me to see how others celebrate and honor and bless their friends. Her husband planned the entire evening and it was chocked full. The program ran from 5:00 - 10:30 pm and it was touching, entertaining, moving, poignant, joy-filled and professional.

The evening ended with the band leading us in two worship songs. All of us standing and singing. Goosebumps.

I gotta find me a man with a guitar.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Fifty year old friends
2. Advil for my 46 year old hip
3. Guys who ooze talent and use it to praise God.


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