Sunday, June 3, 2007

So on Friday night, June 1 - the day I turned 46 - I hung out with 60 people I did not know

at John's birhday.
This is the band that rocked the place out.
I would hire them in a second. If, like, I were to plan a dance. They were talented and a whole lot of fun.

John, whom I've known for almost 30 years, decided to dance for the first time, at his own party. I felt priveledged to be a witness ...

He spent a goodly amount of time on his tip toes.

Nothing like a can of Orange Crush and a good ol Johnny Cash tune to make you want to boogie.

And again with the tip toes.

Sandra taught him a few moves as the night wore on.

And in the very end, Val even (!) got on the dance floor (lawn).
It was an awesome party, lots and lots of fun.

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Alida Sharp said...

look like a great party!!