Sunday, June 3, 2007

Getting Back to Friday...

I arrived at the park seconds after Drew had thrown his last shot put. So I missed that. He came in 3rd or 4th or something...
Then there was a whole lot of hanging out, waiting for his next event.

I was to keep my distance, so I stayed in the bleachers and was thankful for my zom lens.
Minutes before the final race was to begin, I went down to the field to wish him luck. Despite advice from everyone over 12, he was determined to run his race in his skater shoes, with the laces undone:

He won.
So there.
Twelve year olds really do know more than their parents.

Grade 7's ... last elementary school track meet. I think they had fun.

Drew and Mike at the end of the day. They both did well.
Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Have I said yet how thankful I am that I was able to take Friday off?
2. A sunny, warm, SUNNY weekend, perfect for doing a little bit of tanning.
3. The opportunity to take pictures. I LOVE doing that. And it's especially fun when the folks I'm photographing are happy for me to do so. Win. Win.

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