Sunday, June 3, 2007

Another Fun Afternoon

Rick, Sandra, Dane and Stacy: Rick n Sandra and that son of theirs who brings them much joy -

Stacy - pretty in pink ...

Max and Dane.

Meet Melissa -
I work with her mom, Tarra.
And, she too, is pretty in pink...

Meet, Mike. Melissa's boyfriend:

I think she's happy -

Tarra - and her family:

A mother - daughter shot:

A brother - sister shot:

And, here's Andrew:
(With Brittany)

Cutie pies, no?

They've been going out for, like, a week of something...

Max and Andrew -

Could not get Andrew to smile with his teeth for nuthin. Waste of braces, I say.

I was thrilled to be able to take their pics.

And this is Max, all cleaned up, with Sam who looked stunning.
Oh my goodness. How photogenic are these two?

I love this pic.

Mother - daughter shot. Someone looks alot like her mom, eh?

And they're off to the prom...


Tricia said...

I like all the pictures you take of people, but you never say who the people are, leaving me to make up names for them!

Tricia said...

People...with names...I'm so happy! Thank you!