Friday, June 1, 2007

A Fun Birthday

I took the day off work and paid $75 to have my portait taken by the Department of Motor Vehicles and Drivers Licences.

Then I went to MacLeod park and embarassed my 12 year old by taking 200 photos of kids in shorts and school jerseys.

Then I came home and tanned.

What an awesome birthday.
If I had a cake with candles on it and I got to make a wish before I blew them out, I would wish for a husband so that I wouldn't have to work and every day could be a day off and I would wish for a 14 year old daughter so that Andrew would marry her and become my son.

(When he heard it was my birthday, he apparently said to Max, "We have to go shopping and get her something.") They bought me a Hallmark card "From the both of us" and a box of Purdy's chocolates; "mostly creams, mom" said Max who knows me very very well.

Kevin dropped in, saw the sappy card I got from Andrew and promised me he'd MAKE me a card...

Clint is home for pizza as well, and it feels kinda party-ish here. But I'm heading out to Celebration Number Deux for John as he celebrates his 50th again. This time with a band. So the kids can eat their pizza and leave their socks on every horizontal surface imaginable and watch back to back episodes of the Simpsons - I'm spending the evening with adults.


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tricia said...

Happy Birthday Jane!!