Thursday, May 31, 2007

A First For Me

A 6th for Drew ...

Drew and Matthew, being the top two high jumpers at their school, qualified to compete in the district track meet this week. This afternoon 4 of the schools met; below are the top 8 boys: Nothing prepared me for this.
This business of sitting in a quiet gym, watching your son saunter up to the mark, feet first with his body following...
Not breathing for the 3 seconds it takes him to run to the bar.
Does he know how to high jump? Has he had any coaching? Was it fluke that he got here? Or does he have some skill?Please God, let him clear it. Please. Please.
Remember to breath.

He was one of the shorter competitors and came in 6th, jumping a personal best.

So very proud of him.
I was not cut out to be a soccer mom. One hour of fierce competition was about all I could take.
Tomorrow he's competing in shot put and the 8 x 50 relay.
I need to get my hands on some valium.

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