Thursday, July 19, 2007


Drew and I came home from work to a dark house this afternoon. Our power was out, and likely had been for a couple of hours.

A house without power is not a home, so we went over to my sister's place to wait for Max. Jul's place is always a home. Yesterday she had apple pershki baking in the oven. Today she had watermelon, roll kuchen and freshly picked super sweet corn on the cob.

I need a wife to have yummy stuff waiting for me when I get off work.

Andrew's truck was not able to leave Chilliwack, so it was awhile before Max and Zac were dropped off. Thanks, Sue for driving 45 minutes out there to pick them up, and 45 minutes to bring them back.

Jul will drive them to work tomorrow.

I'll head out after work to pick them up.

Sue, Jul and I?

We rock.

By the time Max, Drew and I got home at 7 pm, the power was back on. At 8, I drove Drew to Flip City. At 9:15, I picked him up. He was royally annoyed when I took him with me to pick up milk and NeoStrata Facial Cleanser at 9:30 pm.

We got home at 10:00, and while he was showering the sweat off his body, the power went out again.

With our options being limited, he watched a Simpson's DVD on my laptap til the battery died while I cleaned the kitchen. And after that, by God's design I'm sure, for the first time in months, both boys were in bed shortly after 11.
And me? No internet = No blogging.
I sat at my candle lit kitchen table and prayed for an hour. Intentional prayer. For everyone on my list. Cried a little bit. Left a whole lot of stuff with God. Stuff that I really don't have control over. Stuff that is weighing me down. Stuff that is keeping me awake at night.
I crawled into bed at midnight, only to find Drew in there.
"Can you scratch my back?"
Two minutes of scratching and he was asleep.
Two minutes later the power came back on.
Two minutes after that I had blown out all the candles and turned off all the lights and the TV. And thought to myself, "I wonder what's new on Facebook? I wonder if Rachel, Andrea, September or Tricia updated their blogs today? I wonder if I should post something, because my faithful readers expect to do something with their eyes when they sip their morning coffees?
So, here we are. Almost 2 am and I'm blogging. Posted by Picasa
Three things I'm thankful for:
1. My sister and the delicous things that come out of her kitchen.
2. Enthusiastic people.
3. Quiet evenings.


Anonymous said...

I'm famous and I've been mentioned on your blog as proof.

Wait a minute. Why did you mention Rachel and Andrea before me? Do you like them better? You do! Hmpf.

Well, they probably didn't update their blogs so it's a good thing you got to mine, a lowly third on your list (yes, I understand the implications of this email for Tricia's self esteem but she has a pineapple cup! so she'll be distracted) and found something to entertain you! It even had a picture embedded in it!

I'm giving myself an award. Third place.
That still gets a medal.

raych said...

I DO expect to do something with my eyes over my coffee!!! Did I ever tell you that, when I was in Thailand, before the days of Bloglines when I had to check blogs manually, I would check them in this order: Jane, everyone else, Go Fug Yourself, because they I'd be sure to have my blog-checking experience bracketed by at least two new posts, even if everyone else let me down? You are a pillar of constancy.

Anonymous said...

After thinking about it in the shower (I know, the mental image...) I decided that when you go to a restaurant, you have the salad and the appetizer but what you're really there for is the entree!
I win! I'm the piece of meat!
This makes Tricia the dessert.

Rebekah said...

that was a good blog, jane. i liked the end bit.
it's 5pm where i am but i still enjoy your words passing before my eyes.