Friday, July 20, 2007

Tidbits of Stuff

That's my boy.
Doing what he loves.
With other guys who understand...
Adam, Jon and Clint doing some studio work in Vancouver.
Fun times for video geeks.


Max's hair?

All gone.

This is his 'workin' man' look.

Not my favorite.


I work with a blogger!

Her name is Shannon. Check 'er out.


I shopped at Walmart tonight.

Bought some fun camping stuff. Yay for Coleman.

And a pair of Care Bear pajamas along with 8 CHEAP t-shirts.

I'm ready for Creation.


You know how when you find out that someone in paricular doesn't like you even a little bit, it sucks the sun out of the day?

"God? I could use a shot of love round about now. Nothing grand. Just a friendly voice. Just a "hi, how are y.."

I didn't even get finished and my cell phone rang.


"Mom? Hi. Where are you? Are you coming home soon?"

"On my way. I'll be there in 3 minutes."

It was Max.

But mostly it was God.

Either way, I felt loved.

Then, as a complete, over the top bonus, I got an -mail from someone who was talking to someone about me. Someone #1 thought I should know that someone #2 said very affirming things. Both someones did not know I was aching from the sting of that other someone not liking me. (I sound like a 6 year old.) So I'll take this as another God thing.


Speaking of God, I think He has something in mind for me this summer that involves me growing. Growing up. Learning to love even when I surely don't feel like it. Learning to accept things that I'm presently kinda stupid about. Learning to chill out over those things that, in the end, really don't matter.

I'd rather work on a tan and devour a good book, but the way things are lookin' - I've got some issues that He's not going to let me ignore.

I hope I'm a quick learner. I'd like to have the testing over with by the end of the month, so that August will be more fun.


My ponytail?

It's gone.

It's in Jul's garbage can.

I weigh 14 pounds less.

And am supposed to go buy "products".


Three things I'm thankful for:

1. My mom. She gave me a hand at work today, helping me stuff 2000 newsletters. Then she drove out to Chilliwack to pick up Max, Zac and Andrew. If I am a half-ways decent parent, it's because I had great parents modeling unconditional love for me.

2. Drew. He came to work and helped me too. It was fun. We folded, stuffed, and watched Spiderman 2. He's taller than me now, by the way. Not because he helped me. Because he's an almost 13 year old boy who is in the throngs of puberty.

3. Someone #1 and Someone #2.



Anonymous said...

Got any pics of the new dew?
You are gracious and compasionate a beautiful person and much loved,Marg

Rebekah said...

In Greenville, South Carolina there is a Walmart as big and as full as a mall. But there is no one in this particular Walmart who is nearly halfway to close as unknowingly encouraging as you are. Guess it doesn't matter how big your Walmart is if you're not happily full inside your heart.