Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Even though I'm not a real writer, I do write.

And this much I know to be true.
Writers choose their words carefully.

So the writers of Malcom in the Middle purposefully CHOSE each character's name.

Do you see what I'm getting at?
That's his real name?
The one on his birth certificate?
Or is it a nick name? Short for something?
But what could it be?

The writer's gave that character that name for a reason. It's not a real name, like the other names. There must have been an episode regarding his name. There has to be a back story regarding "Dewey".

Drew and I were driving to Cultus and I mentioned sending him a Creation Details e-mail.
"I didn't get it" he replied.
Which got me thinking about his email address. ("Drewbie 94") etc.
I was contemplating his old nickname, Drewbie, or Drewbs and realizing those days were coming to an end.
Of course it didn't take much to make the leap from Drewbie to Dewey and that's what got me thinking, "How come they still call Dewey Dewey on the show? As he got older, didn't he say, "Stop calling me that. Use my real name." ?

And from there I wondered what his real name could be.

Drew was not interested in engaging in a conversation as random as that one.
So I called Max. He too wondered where I had parked my brain. "What does it matter?" he asked. Sarcastically.
So I called Clint. Who, like his brothers, had no patience with his mother's dumb questions. But while we were talking, I suggested maybe they named him after Donald Duck's nephew, Dewey of Hughie, Dewey and Louie fame, he was on the internet doing a Wikipedia check for me.

Apparently there is no reference to Dewie being anything but Dewie.

The internet says so.

But the writer in me is convinced there's gotta be a story there somewhere.

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