Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Finished. Book #45

I started this last summer. My bookmark in there was the parking ticket from White Rock Beach on August 20, 2006.
But I never finished because the book disappeared on me.
I found it on Friday when I cleaned Clint's room.
I went back to the beginning on Saturday and finished it this morning.
Well written.
It's about Africa. And that whole diamond mining thing came up again.
The rest of the world has not been very kind to Africa have they? Some countries should be ashamed.

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Rebekah said...

very good book. I can't help but pick a favourite out of the sisters. Who is your favourite (if you have one)? I think Rachel and I agreed on who we liked the best. I was always hoping something bad would happen to the prissy one - what was her name? Rachel? - which I suppose it did in the end. She got all she deserved, somehow, in some sick and warped way. I'd have to read it again.