Wednesday, August 1, 2007

And then, about an hour later, I saw this:

Back in April, it became a concern that Arrow might not be able to end it's fiscal year (June 30) in the black, due to a rapid increase in ministry oportunities. We as a team prayed, then sent out a letter to everyone on our mail list, advising them of our great need.

I was more than a little worried.

Ministry Resources is my department, and I was taking the whole thing personally. Even though I am not solely responsible for raising funds, I am part of the small team that handles this aspect of our ministry.

Response from the letter was good, and 20% of our shortfall came in by the end of May. Feeling sick about where the remaining 80% would come from, I did not stop praying.

At the beginning of June, we got a phone call; "Hi, just letting you know we've put a cheque in the mail, let us know if you haven't received it by next week."

The cheque arrived and it was for 50% of what we needed! Hallelujah, Praise the Lord.

A few days later, during a special staff devotional time, Carson reassured us that all we needed to do was wait on the Lord, and He would see to our needs, in His time.

I do not do this waiting bit well.

But sure enough, days before our fiscal year end, one of our alumni called to say he'd been doing some work with a prairie businessman who was interested to hear more about Arrow. He shared his experience of what it was like going through the program and how it impacted his life. And then the businessman, a man who had never heard of Arrow before, a man who had not received our appeal letter, a man who had no idea how much we needed money by the end of the month, wrote a cheque for a big amount. How big? 30% big. His donation was for the amount we needed to end the year in the black. It arrived just in time.

The businessman? He's in the honey business.

So as part of our fiscal year end celebration, we each received a small container to honey to remind us to wait upon the Lord. For He is good.

In His time, things will be accomplished according to His will. It is a faith thing.

It's 11:30 now, and one or two positive emotions are seeping back in ... crowding out the dark ones. Thank goodness. Max is the only one home this evening and I think I drove him around the bend. But he was the one who saw the jar of honey on the counter and asked me about it.

Deep sigh.

It's not lollipops and sunshine. But honey and moonlight are OK too ...

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. I do believe that the God who created the world cares about me and my mini crisis's.
2. Round-up is my friend.
3. Bloggers who blog daily.



Anonymous said...

Hi Jane,
I am so glad you're back. I missed your daily blogs! I checked several times a day every day just in case you came back early or found a laptop somewhere and posted! I'm practically your stalker.
I know exactly how you're feeling with this post.
I'm going a little mental waiting as well and it's so hard not to take things into your own hands! All I can think about is whether I'm going outside of God's will by stopping communication with Dave. I'm praying and praying for red flags if I start mucking things up. Patience is a very, very difficult thing.
Worry is a very, very easy thing.
So, um, I have no advice or anything, just that I know where you're at and I wish I had my own honey container on the counter! What a terrific story. I'm so glad you shared it.
Have a good day and thanks for the encouragement on my 1 year.
Love S

Rebekah said...

Thanks for the post, Jane. I needed to know that God is still there even when I've stopped looking for Him. Inspiring. Thank you.