Wednesday, August 22, 2007

So here's the deal -

I think I have tented once in my life.
And that was 5 years ago when I took 6 kids to Creationfest in an Astro Van with 2 tents, a 35 year old propane stove, 7 lawnchairs, and a homemade table.
The sleeping on the ground bit was uncomfortable.
But the lack of 4 walls to hide behind while I brushed my teeth killed me. You see, for whatever reason, toothpaste froths up something fierce when I brush and the foam bubbles out my mouth and all over my chin. So I need to be bent over a sink when I brush so it can drop down the drain. Do you want to marry me? I thought not.
And then, on day 2 of that first Creationfest experience, the need to pluck chin hairs was overwhelming. And the only mirror I had along was the side mirrors on the van. Right out in the open where everyone and their mother could see me. I just about died. Just about.
The following year? And every year since? I've rented a motor home. So that I don't have to sleep on the rocky ground. So that my toothpaste foam can drip into the tiniest sink's drain. And so that I can attend to my facial hair issues behind a locked door.
Don't think for one minute that I haven't been a little bit frantic about these things and the looming Mexico trip.
My 19" inflatable princess bed has calmed my 'sleeping on a pea' fears.
But as to the other things?
I don't know.
Which is why God gives us friends.
Friends who know things.
Friends who love to shop for girlie accessories.
Friends who go to Calgary to check out certain items in exclusive stores.
Friends who drop off treasures on their way home from the airport:
""Now you do your plucking in your tent after everyone has gone to bed"
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