Friday, August 24, 2007

Is there any point in going to bed?

Probably not.
I have to get up in 3.5 hours anyways.

Clint just moved back home. Like 10 minutes ago. I knew he was coming, but having him move in at midnight AND WANTING TO SET THINGS UP HIS WAY now, while I'm trying to pack, reminds me of when he was 2.

I've offered my truck to a friend to use while I'm gone. Which means at about 2:30 I'll go outside to clean out my crap.

Mandi is going to hang out here while we're gone. Maybe stay for night. Maybe have friends over. Maybe notice that her mom is the cleaner sister. So I'm washing my bedding, cleaning my bathroom, vacuuming the carpet, hiding the booze, burning my journals and getting rid of everything on my hard-drive. I should be done by 4:00.

I am going to arrive at that bus in a state of total depletion. Isn't that how everyone starts a missions trip? Empty and worn out?

I keep being told we will have FUN. FUN? I hope so.
But I'm also hoping for so much more.

No one is this house is planning on sleeping tonight.
They're getting crabby. At each other.

This could get ugly...

Why are we not packing for a Mexican holiday that has the words "All inclusive" in the title?


Thank you for praying for me and my boys and the other participants on this trip. Right now? My number one prayer request? Would be that we would all get along. 10 days in the constant company of so many people ...
... heck 1 hour with all 4 of us in the house is driving us nuts.

And pray for safety as we travel.
And maybe no rain, even though the forecast is for 7 days of it. (I don't do "wet" well. It's my hair, you know...)

And pray for the families we are going to meet. Pray that we would be able to communicate to them just how very much God loves them. Pray that we would look them in the eyes and connect with them.

Pray that spiders would not be an issue.

Pray that none of us gets sick.

Thank you.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. This opportunity.
2. Little blue sleeping pills.
3. Praying friends.


This blog will not be updated til Sunday, Sept 2. Maybe.

If I do get an internet connection, I will post to the Mexico blog. See you there.

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Christine said...

Praying. :)