Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Sunday at the Lake wasn't as quiet as we thought it'd be ...

The weekend, which started for us late on Saturday, was originally going to be quiet. Sandra and I were planning on spending 48 hours at Cultus doing paperwork-type stuff. She brought Dane. I had Max and Drew.
Then 'the girlfriends' came too (Sam and Stacy) and things got funner.
On Sunday, Sandra's husband Rick and her daughter, Kaitlynn came.
So did Clint.
And my dad and mom.
And then Brian, Maxine, and their kids dropped by too.
It was almost like a party.

Kaitlynn brought Chloe. A dog, apparently.
And then?
After it got dark?
The Lindell Beach Regatta ended with FIREWORKS that were spectacular.
The sound echoing through the mountains was unbelievable.
The best part?
They were shot off from our beach. Right in front of our cabin.
We sat on the deck, leaned back in our comfortable chairs and watched the show.
Does life get any better?
I think not.
(Of course, those animals that Kaitlynn brought were not impressed.Posted by Picasa)

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