Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Year that Drew goes to Stillwood for the FIRST time as a camper.

He did not want to go.
He's been worried about it for months.
He only packed one pair of socks.
No shampoo.
Everything he took (including sleeping bag and pillow) fit into a small overnight bag.
Despite my assurances that he would be in the same cabin as Eric and Nico, he was worried he wouldn't be right up until the moment the registrar told him he'd be in Chestnut 102 with his buddies.
Chestnut 102 just barely got built this summer. The construction dumpster is right outside their front door.

While waiting for the activities to begin, Drew's cabin played some volleyball. I bet NOW he's glad I took him to volleyball club earlier this spring.

Welcoming him to Stillwood is Sanka, the cute long-haired blonde who knows his older brothers.

Madisen, a long-haird brunette friend of his brother's, also stopped by to say Hi.
I think he'll be fine. Posted by Picasa

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