Monday, October 8, 2007

Ask a Boy to do Something...

"Hey, Drew. Could you put the bit of milk that's left in this jug into this other one? Thanks, hon."

He dumped the 'bit of milk that was left' into a cup, then, using a plastic craft syringe, he added it to the other jug, 10 ml at a time. It took half an hour.

After his recent success of replacing the light fixture in his bathroom, Clint tackled the task of replacing our outdoor fixtures.

Two out of three done.

This, I assured him, is a highly marketable skill. There will be girls (and their mothers) lining up for marriage application forms after I post these pics.

At the start of the summer, (July 1 long weekend to be exact), Drew and I went to Home Depot. I bought flowers and set about making the backyard look loved.

Drew bought paint and set about making his room look like a teenager lived in it.

Summer is now offically over. Some people think it ends on the Labour Day weekend, others believe calendars and mourn the passing of summer on Sept 21. I, however, choose to accept it's completion at Thanksgiving. Which is why I waited til this weekend to remove the geraniums from my window boxes:

Drew, on the other hand, is still knee deep in his summer project:Posted by Picasa

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