Sunday, October 21, 2007

Lace Thong Underwear, Fancy Grey and Black Wool Socks, and The Remedy CD

Imagine the above items in an artsy photograph...
THAT'S what our day's been like.
Pure awesomeness.
Four of us went to Seattle to enjoy the David Crowder concert.
First we had to check out Shelly's brand new grandson:

Cute as a button.

Then we stopped at the outlet mall, then Nordstrom's Rack (where I just sat in the van and read. I brought my book and glasses for exactly this reason) then we had dinner here:

SO good.

If we'd had time, we woulda ordered a piece of cake to share. Amongst the 4 of us:

Can you believe the size of that cake!

Heaven will have a bakery like this, I'm sure of it.

And then, the concert.

Oops. As is usual, we were one and a half hours late. So we missed the first act, and stood through the second one.
Have you been to the MooreTheatre?
It's 100 years old. And we sat in the second balcony. Which isn't so much that it's far back - it's far UP. Holy cow. Scarey been up that high.
I think we were the oldest gals in the building.
Didn't matter.
It was great. So very great. I love that guy.Posted by Picasa
Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Girlfriends
2. Deep, meaningful, funny, tear-jerking conversations
3. David Crowder

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