Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Does any family generate more garbage than us?

I think not.
We are the winners.

And soon to be added to the pile; two tuner/amps, a VCR, a monitor, and two printers. And while I'm at it, I might as well throw out the TV and speakers as well.

Holy cow.

No TV?
No Office? No ER?
I'm getting all twitchy just thinking about it.


I was reading CCC's blog earlier this evening. She writes this:

I need to change the password here. Seems that Roscoe is reading my blog when he comes over on the weekends.

Frankly, I don't care that much. However, in discovering that he has indeed been snooping into my journal, I also found out something that kinda hurt my feelings......He only reads entries that contain his name.

In other words, he skims through my tales of woe about work, family, the Bald Demon, missing mom, etc. He is only concerned with what I write about him.

Nice, huh?

Because I asked him what he thought about the Bald Demon and several other posts that had nothing to do with him. And he just looked at me.

"Don't you think what Bald Demon did with my client was horrible?" I asked. Innocently.

Roscoe: Blank stare.
"You know. How he was training my client when I wasn't around! Isn't that so wrong?" I inquired again.

Roscoe: Blank stare.

"Let me guess. You've merely skimmed through each entry in my blog looking for your own name."

Roscoe grinned, "How did you know?" he exclaimed. And he kept smiling. "You're so good at figuring me out.

"Not that difficult, trust me."

In fact, it was disappointing. And confirmed to me what I had suspected all along. Roscoe is incapable of being that interested in anyone but himself. Sure, he cares. As much as he can.But I have a hard time being with and staying close to someone who isn't all that concerned about ...when I have a bad day ...or why I had a bad day. Someone who isn't necessarily interested in my dark side, my dark moods, my penchant for nostalgia.

When I am so intensely interested in him. And why he had a bad day. Finding out what makes him tick, etc. I am truly interested.

Is it because I'm a chick? That's why I'm so interested in the minute details of Roscoe's life? When he could care less about mine?

Guys are just...not that interested? In the details?

Shit. When I really love someone, I want to know everything about them. And if I have access to their blog, I will read every last effing detail.

I just don't feel like he cares about me and what goes on with my life. As much as I do with him. Yeah, he cares...but it's not equal, if that makes any sense.

I can spend more time picking apart my relationship with him, but why bother. It is, what it is.

All I'm saying, is that I wish he cared enough. To really get to know me.


Interesting, no?
I have a feeling that Roscoe is your garden variety typical male. Correct me if I'm wrong, dear male Pix n Prose readers...

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Turkey sammitches
2. Fun plans
3. Quiet evenings


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Anonymous said...

See what I'm reduced to with no computer at home? Reading at work! Send me the link to this person's blog; I think I would like her!