Thursday, October 11, 2007


Val and I ventured into Vancouver to watch the 'nucks play tonight.
It's a good thing we like talking. Cuz the game? It sucked.
8 - 2 for the other guys.

But the good news is, I have 2 Phili guys on my team.
My team? You're wondering what type of team I have?
It's Team Jane on Facebook's Hockey Pool. There are ten categories (Elite, Sizzle, Fizzle and so on) and an assortment of players to choose from in each category.

Being not very hockey-stat savvy, I chose the following names based on an assortment of criteria. (Didn't want all Canucks. Remember hating Pronger when we play against him. I like "Mika" the singer, so "Mikka" the goalie has got to be awesome. Pavel Bure was a good player for us once upon a time, maybe this other Pavel will be good too...)

Elite: Daniel Brierer - Philidephia 4 points
Sizzle: Daniel Sedin - Vancouver 2 points
Fizzle(?): Paul Kariya - St. Loius 3 points
Expecting Big Things: Simon Gagne - Philidelphia 4 points
European Flair: Pavel Datsyuk - Detroit 2 points
Veteran Leader: Mike Modano - Dallas 1 point
Warhorse: Chris Pronger - Anaheim 3 points
Future Norris(?): Tomas Kaberle - Toronto 2 points
Goalie: Mikka Kiprusoff - Calgary 0 points

So far, I'm doing fair.
But the season is young, people. There's a whole lotta hockey still be to played. Hey, if you're a facebooker, why don't you put a team together too?

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Awesome chat with Val tonight. I love talking.
2. Finally a satisfying conversation with Max. Holy cow that was long overdue.
3. No rain! Seventeen degrees outside! Brilliant fall colours! I Love BC.


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