Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Cold and Flu Season is here. (Tricia - is there such a thing in Florida?)

I tell ya, I spend more time at London Drugs than anywhere else in the world lately.
(Not sure if you can read the wording on the Omega 3 container... it says its for "Healthy Heart and Brain Function".
Egg sellll ent.)

Drew was in a good mood after school so we went slumming in Walmart. Got a few more Christmas present ideas for him even though I've already spent my limit on him with one pair of boarding pants.

I thought I'd put lights on the house this year, so I bought a heavy duty Stanley staple gun and 1000 1/4" staples. But it turns out my ladder is too short. So, once again, the trees in the yard get lit up and the house stays dark:

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Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Max Lucado. Holey cow he's a good writer.
2. Max O. Holey cow he's an awesome person.
3. Socks. Putting up Christmas lights in the snow with slip-on shoes made me really appreciate my socks.


raych said...

A pile-of-pill-boxes has never looked so delicious. I thought the Christmas oranges were supposed to save me from this.

Tricia said...

Because Orlando is the the worlds #1 tourist destination, we get some very nasty virus's.....year round....its always flu season. (Megan has it right now.)