Monday, November 26, 2007

Why must everything be an adventure?

So, tonight was the night that Kara, Sophie and I were going to see a chick flick.
I was going to pick them up at 6:30 pm.
At 5:30 pm a blizzard unleashes its fury in my neighbourhood.
By 6:00 everything is white and the roads have a couple accumulated inches of snow on them.
I head out to my truck at 6:10, wearing a plastic bag on my head, carrying a brush, ice scraper, mittens, extra hoodie, paper towels and cleaner. (The kids smooshed a banana into the back seat when they slid the rubbermaid container full of books across it. Clearly that needed to be cleaned.)
I pulled out of the driveway, drove maybe 20 feet then realized I was sliding off to the side. I waited til I came to a complete stop then put the truck into 4 wheel drive and thanked God that I bought new tires last week. I shifted down to second gear and inched along the side streets in my neigbourhood, panicking because my windshield wipers had a glob of frozen snow stuck on the blade RIGHT WHERE I NEEDED IT TO BE CLEAR. My vision was compromised - I couldn't see a thing unless I slouched real low and looked out the bottom.
"God? What am I doing? Should I just turn this rig around and stay home where it's safe? Is tonight not a good night for me to hang out with these girls? I've been looking forward to this for WEEKS - please ... can I go? Can I have some fun tonight? Can these roads please be safe? Can you take this fear away? Can this please not be a dumb idea?"
I picked up Kara, then Sophie - both from farms on roads not well travelled. Which, it turned out wasn't a big deal, as there was hardly any snow out their way.
After a slight miscommunication regarding which theater we'd be going to, we finally made it (me getting lost, me turning left when we both said right, me not being entirely sure WHICH theatre was actually playing Enchanted, me hating driving in the snow, me not being sure of that new overpass system at Mt Lehman, me being oh-so-blonde) ... we finally made it 15 minutes late.
There were only 3 other people in the freezing cold theatre.
The movie sucked.
And then we drove home.
Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Despite the movie not being as great as potentially it could have been, and despite being late, and getting lost, and well, everything .... it was a fun evening. I'm glad I didn't stay home where it was safe.
2. My blinds are clean! Oh, it is so awesome. And my windowsills are clean too! That is even more awesome. And the upstairs WINDOWS are clean - the awesomist thing of all.
3. My oldest, who is schnurfling on the couch with his THIRD head cold in 6 weeks - said, as I was making him a cup of tea and bringing him some meds, "Moms are great." Which I think is short for, "Mom, wow. You are incredible. Thank you for caring for me, loving me, looking after me. Know that I appreciate it. And as soon as I'm feeling better, I will take out the recyclables."

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