Monday, November 26, 2007

What? Pics? On PIX n Prose?

Sunday afternoon ... what can we do with Bups?
Max needed some driving time.
So we went for a drive. To Seymour. So he could get his picture taken for his season's pass.
He drove.

Dad sat in the passenger seat.
I sat in the back seat.

Drew sat in the WAY back seat.

I was a little bit not too relaxed.
Max was annoyed that I was backseat driving.
Drew was not happy that he had to come along.

Dad just sat there, looking out the window, listening to Max's CD thumping through the speakers.

There was almost no conversation during the hour-long drive to the top of the mountain.
And when we got there?

The computers were down.
No passes were being processed.

"I told you this was a waste of time," Max hissed.
"Why did I have to come?" Drew complained.

Dad didn't say anything.

We drove back down the mountain and stopped for eats at A&W at the bottom.
Max had a mozzaburger meal.
Drew had a mozzaburger meal.
Dad had a rootbeer float.

I had a case of Wishing Things Were Different.

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