Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Fat Lady Sang

Not literally. We don't got no fat chicks on the worship team.
But it is over.

Last service of Murrayville Community Church was this morning. I brought my Bible, camera and a box of kleenex. Didn't open the Bible. Took 4 pictures. And used up 100 tissues.

I am so bloody tired of crying.

How do people do this? This business of going on with life while dealing with gut-wrenching grief?
I've had tough times before. My marriage was ending just as that other church I loved was closing - so I've got experience with double-whammies.
What's different this time? Why am I so incapacitated? Why do I keep forgetting to breathe?

My bro-in-law, BLESS him, offered to watch dad this morning/early afternoon so that my boys and I could attend the service. I'll be heading back to Surrey in an hour or so for my next 24 hour shift. Tomorrow at 1:00 pm we'll be meeting with a nurse and care giver about getting some help. Please pray for us as we arrange support.

And friends from Murrayville? Thank you for loving me and my family these past three years. I was asked this morning if I could set up at place on the internet where Murrayville folks could share thoughts, memories and experiences. I'd be happy to do that. A person can not have too many blogs. We could use it as a bulletin board for care group announcements, Christmas Banquet details, comments re: local churches and so on. I probably won't hop on this project today, but I will try to get it going by the end of the week.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. God has a plan. It's for good and not evil.
2. He is faithful.
3. Clint, Max, Zac and Drew are all staying in Surrey with me tonight.


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