Saturday, November 10, 2007

Ha Ha . I love this

This guy, PatrickMoberg, posted this poster on the internet. It's address was Click on it to get a good look.

Unbelievably, a few days later, he posted another poster, saying "I found her". Apparently someone saw his website, recognized the girl, sent him her email and they met. He said he was closing down the website and wasn't going to share any more of their story with the world. Readers were to make up their own happy endings.

He did remove the link, so you can't see the "I found her" image... but trust me it was cute.
Something about that whole encounter makes me smile.


I love lists.

So does Sasha. She collects them. Then posts them on her blog.

And now she's put together a book of lists.

This is one of the pages she's posted; Boyfriend Criteria.

Click on it to make it larger. Isn't it awesome? She wants a tea-drinking, apple eater who buys her good used books.

I want a borscht-eating, levi's-wearing happy guy who likes sleepovers at his inlaw's place.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. The people God has brought, and is bringing, into my life.
2. Answered prayer.
3. The faint silver lining peaking out from behind the heavy dark storm clouds.


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My Thots said...

I love lists too and I like that this was written on the back of a random envelope!! Ha ha way to reuse.