Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Will I ever write a happy post again?

Are you tired of me asking for prayer?

Please, if you don't mind, could you pray with us about these things:

For my mom:
1. Her incision opened and of course that complicates things. Please pray for NO infection, complete healing, and a sense of peace.

2. That her last two days (hopefully she'll come home on Thursday) in the hospital will be restful and restorative.

For my dad:
1. That he would be OK tonight. That he would sleep through, undisturbed by troubling thoughts. Actually, could you pray for that for all the rest of his days? Please? Why are the nights always so hard?

2. That this new medication we've got him on would help?

3. We've been afraid to tell him he can't drive. I've been 'the keeper of the keys' for the past 10 days, and have been making up reasons everytime he asks why I can't give them back to him. On Monday he wore me down and in order to avoid conflict in front of my kids, I let him go. Then sent Daryl and Clint after him to make sure he was OK. I can't live like this. I'm getting an ulcer. And the knot at the top of my leg is as big as a grapefruit. Please pray for us. We need to deal with this and it's going to be ugly and painful and gross.

For the rest of us:
1. We are needing help. God chosen help. We are not handling this well, and I fear dad has not being getting the care he needs because we are too emotional. Too afraid. Too sad. Too tired. God willing, we will be meeting with Laurie and Leslie tomorrow. Please pray that they are perfect. If they aren't, I don't know where else to turn.

2. Please pray for our kids. They have parents who are basket cases these days. Please pray that they would be under His protection during this time.

Thank you, friends, for loving me. Thank you for praying with and for me. I can't believe how needy I am.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. My (great) uncle Johnny who has dropped by twice to pick up my dad for a few hours. Val, Glor - tell your dad THANK YOU. He is awesome to drive all that way. He saved my sanity today. Please tell your mom and dad that I love them both. I'm praying for them. And will have them over to the house as soon as we get mom settled.

2. I'm thankful for Laurie and Leslie even though I haven't met them. I'm just so thankful that they can give us a hand.

3. I'm thankful for Maxine, who called tonight and prayed with me RIGHT ON THE TELEPHONE. I'm thankful for Gail, who, unable to sleep, prayed for my family between 2 - 4 am the other night. I'm thankful for Lois, who I don't think I know, left a comment telling me she was praying. I'm thankful for Raych and September who asked their blog readers to pray for us as well. I'm so thankful that I believe in a God who hears all these prayers and will answer them according to His will.



Anonymous said...

Praying for you,

Anonymous said...

No, you don't know me. But since my daughter, Karyn, introduced me to your blog, I've been following,and praying, esp. since your parents have been ill. Blessings to all of you ~

Jacki said...

I have been lurking your blog for months now, ever since I noticed the little link on Rachel's page. Thank you for your honesty, you are in our prayers.

ramblin'andie said...

I'm so glad you post your prayer requests. We're all praying for you.