Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Do you remember back in October, when life was simpler and the days were longer, three friends and I booked flights to Puerto Vallarta? (By the way, I've been pronouncing this as PORTO VALL ARTA all this time. Max informed me this evening that it is pronounced VI ARTA. What the heck? Why didn't I know that?)

I got an email sometime during the past 3 weeks with this in the subject line:
And the content of the email said:
Dear Expedia.ca Customer,
We have received notice from Frontier Airlines that they have:
* Cancelled 2 of your flights.
It is important that we speak to you as soon as possible to review changes from the carrier so that we can discuss alternatives.

They gave me a 1 -800 number to call.
Guess how many hours total I've been on hold?
Too many.
Guess how frustrating this has been?
Guess how I'm interpretting this?
As a sign from God that I shouldn't go ...

Hey, thanks for all the doll houses! I lOVE the internet.


Prayer items:
1. For Jared. He starts on Wednesday at 2.
2. For my dad. He meets Jared on Wednesday at 2.
3. For my mom. She's having the post-op blues.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Yay! Jared starts on Wednesday at 2.
2. I'm using the lines in my notebook again. (I have this coiled notebook in a cool colour with 5 sections that I write notes in all day long. Mostly I use it for work, keeping track of phone call conversations, meeting notes, to do lists, etc. After I've dealt with something, I highlight it in pink. So pink pages can be skipped over... The last section in the book is where I keep personal notes and these past 3 weeks I've been randomly scribbling notes anywhere on the page with no regard for lines or order. Today, I made an orderly list, using the lines. I must be getting better. Not feeling so overwhelmed. Hallejuyah.)
3. I don't live in Saudi Arabia.


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Shannon said...

Jane, I don't know what God's got in store for you for the next few months, but don't cancel your trip right away ok?

Flights get cancelled or re-arranged A LOT. Almost every time (seriously) I book a flight home with West Jet, I get a nice phone call 3-4 weeks beforehand where I find out that my flight no longer exists - but Jane, there are always other options. Lots and lots of options. Once or twice I've actually depended on those options and it's ended up working out way better than if I'd stuck with my original flights. (Ie. Last Christmas when I had accidently booked the flight home before I was finished exams... but it was "their mistake" when my first flight was changed, so I got to change the dates (that I would have had to change anyway) free of charge)

All I'm saying is... flights being cancelled or moved around - perfectly normal. I wouldn't count it as a "message from God" at this point.

Hope to see you on Dec 1st!