Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Eve

Clint and Max spent the day on Seymour and Drew attached himself to the Xbox and my laptop. So I went downtown to get more gifts. Because a person can never do enough for the ones she loves.
The boys were to spend the evening with their dad, so I was planning on wrapping the last of their presents and and and... well, I really didn't have any plans past not feeling sad.
Jul called me at 3, just as I was being kicked out of a store that had it's front door open and a big sign that said "BIG SALE" in the window. Apparently it was closed.
And had closed at 2.
As had all the stores on the one way.
"So what're you doing?" she asked.
"Being embarassed," I replied as I was escorted out of the store by an incredulous clerk who was astounded that I had wandered in through the open door.
"No, I mean tonight. What're you doing while the kids are with Mark?"
"I dunno. Maybe watch some Grey's Anatomy..."
"I'm having dad and mom over for supper, why don't you come too?"
"Uh, thanks. It's OK. I'll be fine."
"I'm making ham and scalloped potatoes."
"OK. I'll come..."

Dinner was delicous, as was expected. My sister is an excellent cook. We ate it all. Even the burnt-on crispies around the edge of the scalloped potato pan.

Then Daryl put on his new Christmas sweater, handmade by Jul this summer (who taught herself how to knit just to make this for him) so he would look festive at the Christmas Eve service at church.

Dad and mom went to church with them.
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I didn't.

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Christine Lindsay said...

They sure look good. Love the smiles.