Saturday, December 8, 2007

Jacquie's car has been acting up, so she had an appointment to get it looked at this morning.
Mandi's truck was making weird noises, so Julie had an appointment to get it fixed this morning.
Clint's truck is going to require extensive work, so he had my Durango, and I'm using my dad's pick up.
Mom had an appointment with her surgeon at Surrey Hospital at 11 am.
My kids had early dismissal today, and needed to be picked up at 11:10.
Dad had an appointment with his doctor at 11:30.
I had an appointment at Langley Hospital at 11:45 for a mamography.

Truly I say unto you, the Klassen family is not big enough. We don't have enough bored housewives with dependable transportation in it ...

In the end, with some juggling and whatnot, everyone's vehiles and bodies got looked at by an assortment of mechanics, doctors and technicians.

This life? Could be yours one day... keep that in mind the next time you plan your day and don't need to consider your parents' or your children's schedules.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Got Max's Christmas present today.
2. Finished addressing all 73 Christmas cards this evening. And I wrote this year's Annual Christmas letter. It was that, or bake. Writing beats baking everytime.
3. Leg muscles that are screaming from the exercise. How cool is that? I didn't even know there were any muscles left under all that fat.


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