Saturday, December 29, 2007

You are not going to believe this.

I thought I had finished season 3 (of Grey's) last night.
But it turns out there was another disk. ANOTHER disk, people. Do you know what that means? More episodes!
The wedding that almost was...
Another doctor with Grey as a last name ...
Christina with no eyebrows ...
Alex and Ava/Rebecca ...
And Izzy. And Meredith. And George.

What a pleasant surprise.

Another pleasant thing that happened today was another long luncheon. I am so loving these four hour mid-day meals...
I met Dayle and Kelley in White Rock and we had a fascinating conversation about seniors' housing. I think I'm going to put my name on a waiting list for one of Baptist Housing's new high end residences. Holy cow; bistros, spas, dinner theatre, towel warmers ... Their goal is to make the environment feel like a cruise ship. A cruise ship! A resort. A vacation. A holiday. I think all my friends should sign up too. We wouldn't have to worry about meals, or yard work, or driving in the snow. It would be like a great big sleepover party with each of us having our bedrooms to sleep in. Suddenly I'm looking forward to my retirement. :)

I left the restaurant at 4:30 and screamed across town to join Carolyn and her kids for supper at their house, for turkey soup. Oh yum. Then Carolyn and I went to see Juno. I adored it.
And then we had this amazing conversation on the way home. Once again, I whined about not hearing the voice of God in spite of reading three whole chapters of Brad Jersak's book, although I mentioned I suspected I hadn't heard God "say" anything because I am skeptical that He actually would. And my other fear is that I wouldn't necessarily want to hear what He has to say because it might be something like, "I'm disappointed in you" or "I know what you did last summer" or "What were you thinking when you did that?" or "I want you to become a nurse"...

And then Carolyn said, there in the dark from the passenger seat of my dad's pick up truck, on 232nd at about the spot where Clint had his accident, "Jane, I think when you hear from Him, He will tell you how much He loves you."

Of course that made me cry because I'm PMSing and I'm at that place where I know intellectually that He loves me (the Bible tells me so), but I don't feel it in my heart. And hearing Carolyn say it, just felt so, so, so ... divine. Like maybe, God told her to tell me that because I'm not hearing Him tell me in other ways. I know He answers prayer. I've witnessed the awesome way He answered the prayers for my dad and mom. But He has to do that. He's God, for goodness sake. That's what God does. Answers prayer. It's His job.

But tonight, I felt He kinda went out of His way to let me know He loves me. He told me so. And His voice sounds an awful lot like Carolyn's.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Lunches with old friends who pray prayers that make you cry at the White Spot.
2. Conversations with new friends who say things that make you cry on your way home from the movies.
3. Silly romantic comedies (like Emma with Gwyneth Paltrow) that make you cry as you long for a Mr. Knightly to propose marriage to you. I am so PMSing. Ignore this last comment.


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