Thursday, January 3, 2008

My Computer Had Not Been Stolen. This is what was scrolling across the monitor:

I felt so violated.

Someone had used my computer.

Someone had opened every cupboard.

Someone had seen all my stuff and deemed it not worthy of stealing.

Someone came to visit:

And he hadn't even bothered to open the ONE door that was neatly organized and labeled:

Needing to connect with someone, I facebooked Drew:
Jane Klassen O
Yeah, you can tell dad.Why wasn't your first response, something like, "are you OK, mom? I love you"
Drew O
10:53pm Jan 3rd
And then I noticed the note "Came to visit and borrow Evil Dead. Andrew"
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And sure enough, a Clint and Max arrived home a few minutes ago.
"Hi mom. I'm going to Brian's for night. We're going to Seymour tomorrow. Bye"
"I'm off the Karyn's, bye."
They were in the house for 3 minutes.
I need a roommate.
Three things I'm thankful for:
1. They're home, safe. Sort of.
2. My worst fear ... (well, one of them) was realized tonight when I came home to a house that had been broken into, and I lived to tell the tale.
3. Friends who cry at movies.


Anonymous said...

woa..woulda freaked me out...just looking at your pictures sent my heart racing. Glad everythings okay. Marg

raych said...

That's scary as hell. I would have died.