Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Only half an hour til midnight

Wow, does working ever sap alot of time out of a day. I'd forgotten how 'all encompassing' it is. I got home at 4 then met my mom at The Keg for dinner at 5. I love (LOVE) the baked garlic shrimp.

Then we went to see PS ILove You. Five kleenexes were not enough.

And this guy? Yum.

I got home at 10:30, talked with Terry til 11:00 (Haven't chatted with her in weeks.) Facebooked with Drew til 11:30 and now I've got half an hour to:
1. blog?
2. read the Bible?
3. get my 20 minute walk in?
4. clean another drawer in this desk?
5. fold laundry, plan what I'll be wearing tomorrow, wash face, apply assorted night creams ...

So, at work today, we met at 10 am for a meeting.
"Welcome back, everyone. Before we pray, I thought I'd read something from the Bible."
I nod to myself. Of course we're going to read the Bible. That's how God speaks to me.
"If it's OK with you, I'd like to read something in ..."
Philippians, I say to myself. God is speaking to me through Philippians these days.
"Philippians" Steve says.
I just smile. OK God, I'll spend some more time in Philippians.

After I finish blogging, I'll get right on that.


You may be wondering how my 'in bed by midnight' thing worked out last night.
Well I'll tell you.

I took 4 of those herbal night time relaxant tablets at midnight. Washed up, put on my new too-tight jammies and crawled into bed with my laptop. (I did not connect to the internet, I was using it as a CD player.) I have some CD's from Jeremy Kingsley, that speaker I liked from Creation, and thought I'd relax, listening to him preach a sermon at me. He was finished talking at 12:30, but I was still pretty much wide awake.

I tossed, turned, punched pillows, refluffed the blanket, rolled over from side to side and was thankful no one was sharing my bed with me because it would have been awkward. At 1:15 I took the last blue sleeping pill (from my Mexico perscription, saved precisely for this night) and waited to drift off.

By 2:30 I had prayed for all 139 people on my list TWICE.

So, despite my good intentions, I once again am operating on less than 6 hours sleep.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. My mom. It's her birthday. She's alive. And getting stronger every day. She's lost alot of weight and looks fabulous. Tonight she gave me a bag of her 'fat clothes' ..."I'll never wear these again. They're still good..."
2. I have a job.
3. I have a relationship with God. The God. He wants to communicate with me. Me.


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