Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Multi Tasking

In an effort to keep my resolution of 'being in bed my midnight', I'm watching The Tudors, blogging, and purging papers as I wait for photos to upload. (The Tudors, by the way, is a little racey; lots of bare boobies...at this point I can't recommend it. )

I managed to go on two walks today. Once at noon, and again at 6 pm. I had to walk twice today because I don't think I'll have a spare 20 minutes tomorrow.

Or the next day either, for that matter.

Maybe I should slip out for another walk when this episode is over?

It's my mom's birthday tomorrow. Her and I are going out for dinner and then we're going to see PS I Love You. Have I mentioned how awesome she's looking these days? Well, she is. Bowels surgery agrees with her.


Three things I'm thankful for:Posted by Picasa
1. No rain today. Made walking almost fun.
2. Clint is safely back at Sunpeaks after spending New Year's in Fernie.
3. 2007 is behind us.

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Jacki said...

P.S I Love You is great!! An emotional roller coaster though...bring tissues..