Saturday, January 19, 2008

Friday Night

Friday was a slow day around here... we needed a 'down' day to recover from all the shopping we did on Thursday.
So while my vacation partners watched movies on TV and did Sudoku at the dining room table, I sat outside and was Holy under cloudy skies. (Read my Bible, journaled and prayed.)
Even though it remained overcast all the livelong day, I kept my bathing suit on and read. Somehow, after 3 hours, I ended up with a burnt nose.
Our plans for the evening were to go to an authentic Mexican restaraunt and then see a movie.

The restaraunt had plastic tables and chairs. The floor was an old paved road, complete with speed bumps. There were no walls. And the ceiling was made up of an assortment of materials, but mostly palm branches. A sketchier place would be hard to find.

Wayne asked for some lime wedges for his water and got this plate full.

In addition to our meals, we got the following "freebies": a mug of fish broth, a plastic super-sized shot glass of tequila, and a plastic cup filled with Bailey's on ice. Then after that:

a deep fried banana swimming in sweetened condensed milk.
The whole procedure took far longer than anticipated so we missed out on going to a movie.
Instead, we spent the evening at the Super Walmart with all the other white-trash tourists in town.
I came home and showered.
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