Saturday, January 19, 2008

Saturday Morn in Mexico

A self portrait:
Again, this morning, everyone else watched TV or did Sudoku, so I took my Bible etc outside and talked to God for awhile. It's so easy praising Him when you're sitting in sunshine ...

Afterwards, I finished reading Velvet Elvis (which I loved, by the way) and jotted down this:

"What does Jesus do almost as much as He teaches and heals? He eats long meals. As Christians, it is our duty to master the art of the long meal. Time spent around the table with each other is time spent with God."

I underlined a whole whacka stuff in there. And if I was more comfortable (see pic below), I might be inclined to share more.

This is my bed here.

I love climbing (yes, climbing... it's so friggin high off the ground) into it every night. Speaking of nights, I'm the only one up again. Rose starts talking of being tired 'round 6 pm. If we're at home, she'll head off to bed by 8 or 8:30.

Maxine is usually next, often in bed by 10.

Wayne goes to bed by 11.

Sandra is all over the board. If she's working on a Sudoku, she'll stay up til midnight. Otherwise, she'll head over to her room by 11 or so as well.

Once everyone has settled in for the night, I go the most underfurnished room in the house, disconnect Wayne's internet cable and hook myself up to the world's slowest connection and start the photo uploading process. It usually takes an hour or so.

The cable is so short that my laptop must sit on the desk next to his. I sit on the edge of the chair so that I can reach my keyboard. And while I type I'm wishing I had wireless so that I could be doing this from the couch or my bed. Posted by Picasa

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