Saturday, January 19, 2008

Saturday Aft

Wayne works Mon to Fri from 8 - 5 (He's gone from 7:30 til 5:30 daily) and on Saturdays from 8 til 1.
So while he worked, we hung around the house. I claimed my spot on the deck, the others watched TV inside. I did some more reading in Phillipians, then moved on to an Anne Lamot book.
At noon, the others came out to join me, and we had a discussion on privacy or more specifically, why I am so private. Naturally from there the discussion meandered over to our mothers and how they raised us. And how we are products of their parenting desicions. And, of course, that lead to our parenting skills and how our kids are turning out.
We had a lunch of fresh veggies and dip as well as veggie wraps. (Can I just say how awesome it is to have a never ending supply of perfect avocados on hand? Cus it's awesome.) (Everyone else was done after that. I had some M&M's.)
Wayne arrived home shortly after that, happy to drive us all downtown.
I lasted 10 minutes in the ongoing hunt for silver jewellery. Today was part 3 of that particular project and I found myself simply not caring.
So, while the rest of them wandered on that side of the street, I parked myself on the beach side, alternately watching people, reading my book, taking photos, feeling the ocean breeze on my face the entire time.
It was a beautiful thing.

These benches are located every 10 feet or so. I moved from bench to bench all the way down the beach for 2 hours.
Can you think of a nicer place to wait?Posted by Picasa

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