Wednesday, January 16, 2008

and so another day ends

Just thought I'd mention that with the exception of me eating M&M's by the bucketfull, we're having some pretty healthy meals here.

Tomorrow when someone else is awake, I'll ask them again what the name of this root vegetable is. Tastes like a raw potato. Maxine slices into wedges, squeezes some fresh key lime juice on it, then sprinkles it with some dried chile flakes. We eat it raw.

Very noisy. Especially if you eat it with your mouth open.

This is another one of Maxine's concauctions... those are some sort of green tomatoes and green chiles ... a salsa, I suppose. We put it on our fajitas tonight.
Speaking of tonight's supper, this is how it went down ..
Someone chopped up then stir-fried the onions and peppers, someone grilled the steak then sliced it up finely, someone cut up pineapple, canteloupe, papaya, and mango then whipped the thickest most wonderful cream on the continent, while someone else tossed a fresh (not bagged) cesear salad while someone else set the table.
We all brought dishes of food to the table, Wayne poured wine, I said grace and we ate.
It felt like we were the characters in a movie and this was the perfect evening meal. The one that you watch on the big screen and wonder if life is ever like that.
It IS like that.
It's awesome.
It would have been over-the-top perfect if we could have eaten on their terrace, by candlelight. But it's "unseasonably" cold here.
So inside we sat.
And then?
Everyone helped with clean up.
It was like a dream come true.
And the best part?
Wayne, Sandra, Maxine and I played a few games of Rummikub afterwards while Rose read.
It's my 'old-folks-home fantasy come true.
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