Saturday, January 5, 2008

They're Home

After asking repeatedly when they'd be home, and being assured repeatedly that they'd be back on the 5th, imagine my delight when Clint and Max showed up unexpectedly at 12:30 am on the 4th. And then, surprise, Drew showed up at 6pm.
Clint with his new glasses, Drew wearing the shirt I bought him for Christmas, Max with a Kinder Surprise on his lips, and Andrew, over for Friday Night Pizza.Posted by Picasa
My house, which had been quiet for 10 days, had noise in it once again.

"Which one, the Nikon or the Canon"? Clint asks while eating a piece of Cheese Only pizza.
"You buying a camera?" Max asks.
"For the church. I'll take it to Africa with me. I've got a $2500 budget."
"You should get $2500 worth of Cream Soda." Max suggests as he takes a sip from his can of Cream Soda.
"How big would a $2500 can be?"
"It'd have to be delivered by a semi... back er up, here ... beep, beep, beep..."
"It'd take two of us, and a huge crowbar to pull back the tab ... image the pssshhwah sound ... what it'd been shook up first? A volcanic explosion of cream soda fizz ..."
"How would we'd pour it? Maybe just dump it out? Into a gym or something ...?"
This is what I've been waiting for. Deep, meaningful, rich, thoughtful, riveting conversation.
Ten minutes later, with much regret, I left.

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