Sunday, January 6, 2008

I think I could be a bird watcher.

Have you seen Planet Earth? I love watching male tropical birds fluff, dance, prance, preen, and wiggle in an effort to attract a female to mate with. It's the funniest thing to witness and is not unlike teenaged boys wearing riduculously colored t-shirts, having wild hair and strutting stupidly with their pants half-way down their asses.


Max is not feeling well, so he's lying on a mattress on the family room floor. He missed out on the family dinner tonight, as did Daryl and Mandi cuz they are sick too. Seeing everyone's back, we celebrated mom's 68th birthday tonight at the Spaghetti Factory. Did I remember to bring my camera? No, I did not. You'll just have to imagine how good everyone looked.


I've had a most embarassing weekend.
Remember how I was at the cabin on Friday night? And how I needed to have my own bed in my own room?
Well, what I didn't mention was that in addition to closing my door, I stuffed a towel underneath it, ensuring that my bedroom would be 'sealed'.
Apparently sound traveled through the walls despite my efforts, and the people who shared the cabin with me were amazed at how loud I snored.
It pains me to blog about this.
Snoring is so not feminine.

I did not sleep well that night. I went to bed at 2, then read til 3:30. I slept til 7, then woke up every half hour or so, til I got up at 9. So, Saturday night, back home again, I was exhausted. Again, I went to bed at 2, but lay there awake, listening to Clint tap away on his computer just down the hall from my room. I was laying there, wishing I could fall asleep, when Clint came and closed my door because my snoring was so loud, it was interfering with his concentration. My snoring was so loud.
I was awake. Listening to him on his computer.

I am just sick about this upcoming trip to Mexico. I have no idea what the sleeping arrangements will be, but I'm suspecting that I'm going to be sharing a room, if not a bed with someone.

How awful for that someone.

Maybe they have an outdoor deck? And I can sleep on a loungechair?

Looking back on the weekend, it's sad enough that I haven't been able to sleep more than a few hours at a time, but think about all the women and children that have been kept awake by my snoring when I'm not even asleep.

This is just one more thing that assures me I will never marry again. Unless maybe he is deaf. And blind.


Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Church this morning. 52 Murrayvillites ended up at Aldergrove Alliance today and it gave me the warm fuzzies. Most of us then met up at Wendy's for lunch. It was good for Max and Drew to be apart of 'something' again. Felt weird though, to be sitting in a pew. When was the last time I sat on a church bench? 1979?
2. Answered prayer.
3. The Spaghetti Factory.



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Our church started a new series yesterday on Philipians,it should be great. With your current bombardment of churches and Philipians, I thought you might be interested. You can download the podcast at